About Us

Prisha Industries is a Canadian distributor of ethical beauty and household products.  We operate under the mission of the “PROFIT FROM PURITY”.    At Prisha industries we are steadfast visionaries that profit can be derived in an ethical, and PURE manner .  All our products follow this philosophy:

  • The Product itself must be PURE.  It should be made from materials that do not exploit Mother Earth, and that are derived from her in as pure a fashion as possible.   We do not wish to contribute to the worlds exploitation, rather we should be able to harvest, reap and give back to the world
  • The Production must be PURE.  We are firmly committed to distributing products that are fair trade and that do use exploitative practices to produce the product.  There is profit enough for all, rather than all for one.
  • The Publicity must be PURE.  The message we deliver regarding the products we distribute must be true.  The products should work as defined, and the message surrounding them should be clean and easy to understand.  Many seek to derive profits through “spin campaigns” or half truths”.  Prisha Industries seeks profit from PURE publicity.