Our Story

At Prisha Industries we could easily say that we have “bio agenda” or hope to capture market share by touting a “save the world agenda”. This however would go against our core belief of “profit from purity”.

Very simply put our philosophy is that Mother Nature provided us with all the natural ingredients we need to produce pure natural functioning products. Products that don’t need fillers, chemicals, additives etc but that are just pure. Not only do we want to represent products that have pure ingredients but we want products that are manufactured purely. You do not need to exploit people or environments in order to make products or profit. Finally the message or marketing surrounding the product also has to pure. Simply let the product and its function stand on its own accord, without hype or false promises. In other words it should be pure.

Pure Ingredients + Pure Manufacturing+ Pure Marketing = PROFIT FROM PURITY.

The first products that we chose to represent under the profit from purity philosophy are holy lama naturals found at www.holylama.ca. Holylama.ca products are produced by an all-women manufacturing enterprise that generates employment to disadvantaged women, whilst maintaining international standards of quality.  Holylama.ca manufacturers produce natural custom-made products with eco-friendly packaging. Many of the herbs used in the production of holy lama products are grown in-house and cultivated in the lush green lands of Kerala to ensure pure quality. www.holylama.ca products are made by an ISO and GMP Certified Company that is committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality herbal natural products.  These products are produced efficiently, in a professional manner, on time, and at the right cost. At www.holylama.ca our focus is centered around customer satisfaction, through continuous improvement.  Finally the Holy Lama products message is to “Feel Naturally Fresh- Enhance!”. Holy Lama Naturals does just that; naturally enhance your body, mind and soul. Holy Lama Products are a call to feel the taste, the fragrance and the touch of nature in its purity.

Do you have a product or service that meets our agenda? If so please contact us at info@holylama.ca